Big Dogs That Are Good With Cats

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Either way you need to create a space where both species are able to cohabitate. These large dogs make excellent guards for your home but they take a cue from their master on whom to trust.

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Unfortunately inbreeding has produced a lot of mean aggressive dogs.

Big dogs that are good with cats. Pomeranians are inquisitive intelligent and loyal and after some socialisation could be a great little friend to any cat. Enter breeds of dogs that are good with cats. Though not all canines want to cuddle with cats some breeds seem more likely to find a friend in felines than others and when it happens it s a pretty special thing to watch there s nothing like seeing your cat give your dog a bath or watching your pup snuggle up with his favorite kitty.

Beagles are gregarious and congenial most will live happily with other animals including cats which they will likely view as just another member of the pack. If you say the cat is part of the family your german shepherd will go along with it. They are playful dogs that are good with cats and kids.

When it comes to dogs and cats ignoring each other is just fine. Some dogs and cats form a strong bond while others just tolerate the canine or feline sharing the household. The boston terrier is a well mannered dog that will love every member of the family.

While not every dog of a supposedly cat friendly breed will accept every cat your odds are better that the animals eventually will get along. Maybe you have a dog you want to introduce into your cat household or are looking to add a cat friend for your beloved furry roommate. The last of the best dog breeds for cats on our list is the boston terrier a dog with a whole lot of heart.

These dogs traditionally hunted in large packs of dogs with hunters accompanying the packs on foot or on horseback so it was imperative that they got along with other animals. If you choose this breed make sure you get one from a reputable breeder. They can handle their own but often get scared during certain situations.

This will prevent aggression territorial issues and other problems that may arise. Boxers are great with cats well at times they are a little possesive. If you want a big dog who is good with the family and great with your cat this breed is a good choice.

Pomeranian small but incredibly confident a pomeranian could be the perfect match to a cat. We polled 1 654 pet owners to determine which dog breeds should be on the list and the results are in. We ve compiled a list in no particular order of the top 25 breeds of cat friendly dogs.

Explore our list of best dog breeds for multi pet households to find dogs that are good with cats other dogs and other pets.

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