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Biewer in germany was once considered a variation of the yorkshire terrier but has since been recognised as a separate breed by many kennel clubs including the akc. The biewer yorkshire terrier s body is compact.

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Biewer yorkshire terrier the biewer yorkie is a rare breed of toy dog that has long hair hanging quite straight down the side of its body.

Biewer yorkshire terrier white. The biewer terrier s coat can come in a variety of colors including white blue black and brown. The breed was developed in 1984 due to a so called piebald genetic recessive gene originating from 2 yorkshire terriers. The biewer terrier is believed to have started around 1984 by german yorkshire terrier breeders mr.

The biewer terrier was recognized by the united kennel club january 1 2016. Today biewers and yorkies are considered two entirely different breeds and the crossing of the two is frowned upon by the biewer clubs. Gertrud and werner biewer named these yorkies with white markings biewer yorkshire terrier à la pom pon it was from these breedings the biewer yorkie was developed.

The biewer terrier came to be its own breed as a result of a yorkshire terrier puppy born in germany in january of 1984 that had an extreme amount of white patterning throughout his coat. The gene that causes the large white areas on the biewer terrier is also found in other dogs breeds such as the havanese and german short haired pointer. White black and tan.

The biewers spent several years establishing and refining breed type until the dogs bred true. These dogs are friendly playful and energetic which are some of. Biewer terrier standard from 1989 biewer yorkshire terrier a la pom pon from germany many biewer terrier puppies are born with a black white gold colored coat but after a year the coat changes the color.

The biewer terrier bred from blue white and gold puppies named schneeflocke and schneeflöckchen von friedheck owned by mr. The yorkies born with white were called biewer yorkshire terrier à la pom pon and in 1989 the breed was officially recognized by the ach. It also has long hair that hangs even and straight down the side of the body.

This unusual puppy named scheefloeckchen von friedheck caused his breeders werner and gertrud biewer to wonder whether their yorkies carried a recessive. This sort of dog coat coloring is described variously as white spotting piebald parti color and tricolor. The biewer terrier is a rare purebred dog created through the occurrence of a recessive piebald gene in two yorkshire terriers.

Gertrud and werner biewer found this puppy to be quite beautiful and began a selective breeding process to produce more piebald puppies. Its coat is a fine texture and shiny like silk but does not have an undercoat. Biewer terrier blue white gold the original color of the biewer terrier was blue white gold.

In contrast the biewer terrier is tricolor.

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