Biewer Terrier Vs Parti Yorkie

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The biewer terrier is also known as the german terrier which looks like the parti terrier. Two german yorkie breeders mr and mrs bieweer were responsible for starting this breed in the 1970s.

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Biewer which is where they get their name who were german yorkie breeders in the 1970s.

Biewer terrier vs parti yorkie. Often people assume that the biewer yorkshire terrier is the same as the yorkshire terrier that you re already familiar with. To most people upon looking at biewers and parti yorkies one would associate them as being the exact same breed. One of the easiest ways to spot the difference between the parti yorkie and the biewer terrier is.

Biewer terriers vs parti yorkies. The biewer is considered a separate breed from the yorkshire terrier even though its bloodline is strictly related to the yorkie. Biewer yorkies however are a fairly new breed that comes from a specific german line.

A biewer yorkie officially known as a biewer terrier and also called a biewer yorkshire terrier a la pom pon or just a biewer is often mistaken for a yorkshire terrier. I did some tracing of two lines of tri colors mr biewers line and nikkos line. The biewer terrier also called biewer yorkies or german terriers are similar to parti yorkies but they are actually recognized as a distinct breed apart from the yorkshire terrier.

It is a separate dog breed by itself. But there are significant differences. As the akc explains the breed was started by mr.

Both are off shoots from the original yorkshire terrier breed that originated in england. The biewer yorkshire terrier has a long and flowing coat that requires regular grooming but does not shed. Although biewer terriers were bred from parti yorkies and that they share the same color combinations such as either black white and tan or blue white and tan there are distinct differences between the german terrier and their yorkie cousins.

The origins of biewer and parti yorkies are the most notable difference between the two. It s official name is the biewer terrier and while the breed descends from a yorkie yorkshire isn t part of the name. As far back as we can trace the parti color has been in the yorkshire terrier.

Now as to the difference of the two tri colored dogs the biewer yorkshire a la pom pon and the parti color yorkie. In fact it is actually a separate breed albeit a new one. It is a recessive gene that can be traced back to the 1800 s.

In essence they are. The mix up is understandable after all biewers were originally bred from yorkshire terriers by a german couple mr. Yorkie puppies born to only one piebald parent are considered parti colored yorkies instead of true biewer yorkshire terriers.

Realistically the biewer yorkie is just a yorkshire terrier of a unique color. The biewers bred yorkies throughout. The biewer was developed in germany in.

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