At What Age Do German Shepherd Puppies Ears Stand Up

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Check with your vet regularly to ensure your puppy is in good health condition. After 3000 people voting in my poll and a lot of questions in the comment section i decided to make a table to provide a clear overview.

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Make sure your german shepherd puppy gets the right diet that they need.

At what age do german shepherd puppies ears stand up. His two littermates on. Your puppy s ears can stand up anywhere from 8 weeks to 8 months. A german shepherd puppy should never be left alone with other dogs that are mouthy and might like to tug on the puppy s ears.

If they are not up when the dog is through teething this varies from dog to dog but in general between 16 weeks and 20 weeks of age i tell my puppy customers to get very interested in their ears. At what age do german shepherd puppies ears stand up. I brought allie home at 8 weeks and those ears still had their ups and downs but by 10 weeks old her ears were up permanently.

German shepherd puppy ears can come up between 8 weeks and 6 months. The ears may stand up at times but fall back again. Whether your german shepherd puppy has floppy ears or perhaps one ear up and one down this time frame can sure feel like a very long time as you re anxiously waiting for those ears to miraculously stand up on their own one morning.

This can weaken the cartilage and cause the puppy s ears to never stand correctly. Conversely if your german shepherd still has floppy ears at 9 months he probably always will. And generally they should be standing up by the time your puppy has finished teething.

German shepherd puppy ears stand up usually between the ages of 8 weeks and 5 months of age. One of my males was not even through teething and his ear cartilage was upright and ready to position correctly. Another way to tell if your pup s ears are likely to stand is by observing where they are set on the head.

To recap here re the safest and the most natural steps to help your german shepherd s ears stand up. That could be a problem. What if your german shepherd puppy reaches 8 months and the ears still don t stand up.

This is the time or age when german shepherd ears are fully developed and become permanent. If their ears do not stand up by the time they are eight to nine months old they are probably never going to stand up because this is the time when most german shepherd s ears take permanent form. German shepherd ears should never be rubbed excessively or played with by human hands.

If your puppy s ears stand up when he gets excited they probably will stand permanently by the time he is 6 months old. The often asked question is at what age will my german shepherd puppy s ears stand up or can i do anything to help. Often owners of german shepherd dogs are very eager to see their pooch s ears stand upright and worry when they see their puppy s dropping ears.

When went to visit my german shepherd allie pictured above at 7 weeks old her ears were floppy and undeniably precious. How to make my german shepherd s ears stand up.

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