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Are german shepherds good family dogs. They will tend to be much less protective when they are not raised appropriately.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids German Shepherd Puppies

But raising a smart dog breed isn t always perfect for every person.

Are german shepherds. Frustratingly the most accurate answer tends to be it depends the german shepherd or gsd is currently the second most popular pet dog in america. Deutscher schäferhund german pronunciation. German shepherds are one of the most protective dog breeds with a high drive to protect their owners and their territory when they are raised well.

That skill caught the eye of dog enthusiasts who not only propagated the breed but also created breed standards to protect the features and abilities we value in the german shepherd today. However each dog is an individual so differences can occur and some may be bred to be better at specific tasks than others. German shepherds can be trained to listen follow and understand quick commands.

ˈdɔʏtʃɐ ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt is a breed of medium to large sized working dog that originated in germany. They are known to be one of the better breeds when it comes to training. German shepherds used by law enforcement are trained to respond immediately to their handlers in life or death situations and have the tenacity to work beyond the capabilities of their human counterparts.

The german shepherd german. With higher intelligence comes more responsibilities. With that being said german shepherds are not always protective.

German shepherd puppies will vary in price from breeder to breeder based on experience pedigree and other factors. If they are not given lots of training exercise. They will tend to be much less loyal when they are not raised appropriately.

With that being said german shepherds are not always loyal. German shepherds were developed from a stock that showed a natural ability to herd sheep even without training. German shepherds will be gentle family pets and steadfast guardians but the breed standard says there s a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate.

German shepherds are crazy smart. However not every dog breed is the right fit for every family situation. Since german shepherds are working dogs they are also eager to please their owners.

As a result german shepherds tend to respond well to training and will normally adapt to roles that they are given quickly. German shepherds are intelligent dogs so they can be easy to train. In the english language the breed s officially recognized name is german shepherd dog gsd the breed was officially known as the alsatian in the uk from after the first world war until 1977 when its name was.

Mental stimulation can come in many forms such as brain. For example white german shepherd puppies for sale black german shepherd puppies for sale long haired german shepherd puppies for sale and sable german shepherd puppies for sale may affect pricing. Because german shepherds are so intelligent they require a ton of mental stimulation without enough mental activities these dogs can certainly exhibit destructive behavior.

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