American Cocker Spaniel Beagle Mix

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The cock a mo is a relatively new mix thanks to the burst in popularity of the american eskimo. Once used as hunting companions this breed as made the transition to family pet and is a popular breed with families.

Bocker Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix Info Temperament Puppies

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American cocker spaniel beagle mix. The beagle cocker spaniel mix can have a short coat a curly coat or a mix of both. They tend to be about 12 to 15 inches tall and weigh about 20 pounds. Although he is very intelligent his short attention span might make him difficult to.

Their appearance can vary from pup to pup even within the same litter. Nuka the beagle american cocker spaniel mix. He is almost 4 mos.

It makes a good companion dog for most families and individuals. The beagle and cocker spaniel mix is a happy friendly small dog. He is a keen student and loves to learn new tricks.

The beaker is the offspring of two different purebreds the cocker spaniel and the beagle. He has all brown and white fur. Life expectancy and health issues article which is categorised within beagle and posted at october 6th 2016 18 13 13 pm by.

Nuka is a beagle american cocker spaniel mix. American cocker spaniel beagle mix image and description. By allmutt on saturday april 6th 2013 no comments.

The cock a mo blends the american eskimo dog and the cocker spaniel. This mixed or cross breed has a life span of 10 to 12 years and has talents in watchdog and tracking. With two hunting dogs as parent breeds the bocker does require regular exercise and while they will adapt to living in an apartment howling is in their nature which can be irritating for close neighbors.

The bocker dog is a mix of a beagle and a cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniel american eskimo. Cocker spaniels also have a long history the name spanyells going as far back as 14th century spain.

Since beagles and cockers are both small to medium sized dogs beagle cocker spaniel mix size is reasonable predictable. These small statured dogs have a square well muscled elongated body a broad head short muzzles long floppy ears small brown eyes and a tapered tail that is slightly curved and tipped in white similar to its beagle parent. In temperament the beaker is more like the cocker except for the intensity which is more like the beagle it is important to note that beakers may end up inheriting the spaniel rage from the cocker which is a condition which can come on suddenly anytime after age 3 and which in most cases winds up being fatal.

The interesting pics below is part of beagle cocker spaniel mix. He is our newest addition. Old and adorable green eyes and wrinkly face.

He is also called a bocker bocker spaniel or a cocker spaniel beagle mix. The bocker dog designed by crossing the beagle and cocker spaniel is an intelligent and loveable breed displaying traits of amicability and loyalty like its parents.

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