American Akita Mix With German Shepherd

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Akita and siberian husky. These two breeds are often compared so why not mix them together the faithful huskita is a great option for any family with room in their home and hearts for this large active breed.

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Thankfully however an akita shepherd has a combination of the temperament of its german shepherd parent which can make it an obedient confident and loyal dog.

American akita mix with german shepherd. German shepherd akita mix personality. The akita shepherd needs a firm handed robust trainer who can tactfully control the dog. The american animal hospital association encyclopedia of dog health and care 1994.

As a result they need extra care and attention which might be an essential aspect to consider when you acquire this type of pet and maybe check some of the low shedding breeds too. Leadership quality is a quality that is a must for the trainer. They are a great watchdog with a strong instinct to defend their home and family and are also good as working dogs.

While the look are easier to spot which way he leans temperament is harder to judge until you have him home and raise him. Akita german shepherd mix will shed quite often. Some dogs are simply easier than others.

They will bond with and be very loyal to their owner. They re also resilient enough to bounce back from your mistakes or inconsistencies. The akita german shepherd mix is intelligent brave and rather serious.

The akita belongs to the working dog group alongside the following breeds. Allow them to socialize more and more each day and help them mix with other pets and guests. They take to training better and are fairly easygoing.

Begin teaching and training them from the time of adoption. The akita german shepherd mix shepkita will be a large dog probably somewhat smaller than an akita at 65 to 100 pounds. The german shepherd and akita inu were bred together to create this hybrid breed.

The akita shepherd s german shepherd parent originated in the 1800s and was bred in germany as a sheep herder. As a hybrid mix the akita shepherd will have a mix of both paternal and maternal breeds which can influence how he looks and his temperament. This is the kind of breed that you will have problems with because they are constantly shedding.

He comes by his size honestly. Because of this almost perfect combination akita shepherds serve as fantastic watchdogs helpers and protectors. They are strong quiet powerful dog that is always alert.

The akita shepherd is also known as a shepkita.

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