Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Puppies

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Where does the alusky come from. This is a sled dog at its core having great endurance and strength which was a dog trait needed by ancestral owners in order to pull and carry heavy objects.

German Shepherd Husky Mix German Shepherd Husky German Shepherd

In fact these dogs can get into a lot of trouble with other dogs which is why these types of dogs are not good with other pets at all.

Alaskan malamute german shepherd siberian husky mix puppies. The alusky is expected to live between 10 to 15 years. The other parent breed in the cross could affect this in an alaskan malamute mix. As stated he is a cross of the alaskan malamute and siberian husky when dealing with hybrids you can never be sure how much of one parent over the other a puppy might get.

Yuemi the alaskan malamute german shepherd mix at 1 1 2 years old left with her littermate brother right yuemi is often mistaken for a wolfdog. I can no longer take her for walks in the neighborhood from fear of animal control being called after another local woman had her wolf dogs forcibly removed by the city telling her that rabies was rampant in the area and wolf dogs were no. Alaskan malamute siberian husky mix puppies.

The breed was used in many polar expeditions including that of admiral byrd in 1911. A fully grown alaskan malamute usually stands 23 25 inches tall and weighs 75 100 pounds. Browse thru thousands of alaskan malamute german shepherd dog mix dogs for adoption near in usa area listed by dog rescue organizations and individuals to find your match.

There are many reasons to get siberian husky mix puppies. The alaskan malamute is one of the oldest arctic sled dogs and it was originally bred to hunt seals chase away predators and pull heavy sleds for the native american mahlemut tribe long before alaska was even a state. The german shepherd malamute mix also known as the alaskan shepherd is a powerfully built dog whose genetic lines go back thousands of years.

The alusky has a mix of his parents stamina and endurance a wolf like appearance and is best suited to climates that are cooler. For example these dogs are very strong and they need to be trained from an early age. You can get a better idea of what size to expect in your alaskan malamute mix puppy by asking the breeder about the other parent breed and also meeting the mother dog.

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