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They can weigh between 50 80 pounds and they are very energetic and active so probably not the best apartment dweller unless you have lots of time to exercise him her what makes the labrador husky mix a great dog is the parents. Labsky labrador retriever siberian husky mixed dog breed information including pictures characteristics and facts.

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She was originally bred in alaskan villages from a mix of various northern breeds including the siberian husky greyhound and the german shorthaired pointer she is still bred today for use as a sled dog in dog sled racing a.

Alaskan husky lab mix. Find out about training behavior and care of labsky dogs. And because she found our backyard too confining she dug out. The husky lab mix is a cross of a siberian husky and a labrador retriever also known as labsky or huskador.

He is affectionate and loyal too and is need for his owner and family to be close means that he can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods alone. She quickly assumed the alpha position over our other labrador. For use as a sled dog.

The alusky is the malamute and husky mixed pooch who is an adorably fluffy pup with. Alaskan huskies are a mixed bag. Because these breeds are often compared to each other they ve become one of the more popular additions in the designer dog craze by creating the alaskan malamute siberian husky mix.

My lab husky mix was the first dog i d ever purchased with my own money and i always took pride in the fact that she was mine. Lab husky mix temperament is where you will find the most uncertainty since any one puppy can range more towards the temperament of one parent breed or the other. Search our database of pets in need of new homes and find your perfect new addition.

Our first year with her was somewhat rough. The husky lab mix or siberian retriever is a very intelligent lively energetic and happy dog who will crave attention and want to participate in everything the family is doing. The huskador is the name for the labrador husky mix.

Get your free 5 dog training videos. The alaskan malamute and the siberian husky are similar dogs in many ways but there are also a few differences between them. Here are five examples of parent temperament spectrums and the range of possible labrador and husky mix temperaments that are possible in any lab husky mix puppy.

The alaskan husky is not a purebred nor is she actually a breed of dog at all she is defined by her purpose. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 15 years. The husky blood made her high strung and headstrong so she was somewhat resistant to training.

The husky lab mix is a medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches tall weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. This breed is a stunning dog to have.

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