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Either way you go if it is a cocker spaniel you can t go wrong. In the past a lot of people preferred this version of the cocker spaniel and in 1935 the english cocker spaniel club of america was formed.

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Find similarities and differences between english springer spaniel vs english cocker spaniel.

English cocker spaniel male vs female. 45 55 pounds 20 25 kg female. Visit male dogs versus female dogs if i just want a dog for a pet not for showing or breeding does it matter whether he has akc registration papers. The english cocker spaniel is known to be a gun or sporting dog.

There is one thing about females if they are not spayed they can be moody at times. 26 32 pounds 12 15 kg male. Honestly male english cocker spaniels have pros and cons and female english cocker spaniels have pros and cons.

Another difference can be seen in their size as the english cocker spaniel is usually a little taller than the american. Typically in the american cocker spaniel and the majority of other breeds the females rule the roost over the other dogs. If you don t intend to breed or show your cocker spaniel you should have it spayed or neutered.

They remind me more of cats because they want to be petted. Both the female and the male english cocker spaniel are affectionate and show love to their owners and family. But this is not really the case with a cavalier king charles spaniel.

28 34 pounds 13 16 kg female. Female i m asked this question all the time and it s something that can be difficult to answer. In terms of that famous coat the american cocker spaniel is longer and more frilled than their english cousin.

Therefore there is no disadvantage or advantage to having a male or female as far as the affection and love for his or her owners is concerned. Find similarities and differences between boykin spaniel vs english cocker spaniel vs english springer spaniel. Compare english springer spaniel and english cocker spaniel and name3.

English springer spaniel or english cocker spaniel. The differences that you see are not be based on the gender. So should you choose a male or female cavalier king charles spaniel.

40 50 pounds 18 23 kg avg. Both will work exceptionally hard to. The differences that you should be looking at should be based on the litter as a whole.

The unspayed female spaniel dogs will go into season twice a year making a mess around the house with bloody discharge plus she ll be more moody or dare i say bitchy. The american cocker spaniel is bred from the english but it is smaller with a shorter muzzle. With some breeds of dogs there seem to be many differences between a male and a female.

Just keep in mind that every dog male or female has its own personality and is unique in every way. Males and females of the breed tend to be equally loving and equally nurturing. They are often a little more independent and stubborn.

28 34 pounds 13 16 kg female. Compare boykin spaniel and english cocker spaniel and english springer spaniel. The american cocker spaniel has a flatter snout than the english cocker spaniel.

40 50 pounds 18 23 kg male. 45 55 pounds 20 25 kg female.

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