English Cocker Spaniel Grooming Pattern

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The cocker spaniel was originally bred to be a working gundog but their happy patient and kind natures have made them an ideal family pet. The american kennel club went on to recognize the english springer spaniel into the sporting group about eight years later.

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For really hairy back legs use the following steps.

English cocker spaniel grooming pattern. They come in a variety of colors including tan black tri color white and buff silver and brown. There are two strains of cocker spaniel. English cocker spaniel club of america inc.

From the akc english cocker spaniel standard. Please seek out a mentor to demonstrate these techniques to help you truly learn how to properly groom this breed. Pattern is from the ears down to breast bone forming a v.

There should be only a. The following instructions are basic in order to give the beginner the general idea of how an english cocker spaniel should be groomed for the show ring. The field strain tends to have a leaner build and the show dogs have a more heavy sturdy build.

Who ever is naming these grooming styles needs to spent some time with an actual groomer. The second dog is a proper american cocker in a show groom. Step by step on how to groom a cocker spaniel this is a modified cocker spaniel cut.

A video bonnie threlfall grooming workshop is also available. Comb the thigh hair up to get it out of the way. Please like and subscribe.

A cocker spaniel s coat can be difficult to groom because of the abundance of hair and how easily the hair can get matted clumped and tangled. The english cocker spaniel requires frequent stops at the grooming salon and it should be trimmed every six to eight weeks. The fist dog is a mixed breed although cute does not actually represent a cocker in a puppy cut.

The last picture is an english cocker in a show groom. This as the grooming on a field spaniel should look natural. Comb the hock hair.

The english springer spaniel and the english cocker spaniel although originating together gained distinction in the early 1900 s with the kennel club of england. Purchasing high quality instruments will help you achieve the look that you want for your dog s coat and minimize the chances of injury to your dog s skin due to poor quality tools. Purchase high quality grooming instruments.

However this is rarely the case when the coat grows thick and the legs become matted pet owners usually have their spaniels clipped short. Ideally cockers will be hand stripped as for the show ring. If you re about to welcome a cocker spaniel into your home you ll need to know how to groom him.

Filmed in fort worth at the 1999 national this video is not a step by step grooming guide for those learning to groom. Blend the neck hairline with thinning shears so the hair blends smoothly. The cocker spaniel is known for his gorgeous long silky hair which can grow to floor length.

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