Different English Cocker Spaniel Colours

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The show strain cocker spaniel has 18 officially recognised colours patterns. English cocker spaniel come in many different colors but the most common color is blue roan.

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The american cocker spaniel was developed from the english cocker spaniel in the 19th century to retrieve quail and woodcock they were originally divided from the english cocker solely on a size basis but were bred over the years for different specific traits.

Different english cocker spaniel colours. English cocker spaniel colors. The cocker spaniel club parent club of the breed in the uk offering advice and information to cocker spaniel owners and covering club activities including shows field trials cocker spaniel rescue service. Those who feel it s a different gene consider it recessive to roan but dominant over open marks.

So to sum up english cocker spaniel colors vary greatly with 23 possible shades and three different types of markings. This breed is a medium sized spaniel and shares lots of qualities with the springer but they re more relaxed. No white allowed except a small amount on chest.

The two cocker spaniels were shown together in america until 1936 when the english cocker received status as a separate breed. Prior to the 1600 s all types of spaniels were categorised together. They don t need as much exercise and may cope well to living in an apartment.

A mix between two different spaniel breeds the sprocker is a gentle and active dog. A merry dog the breed is recognized by its flowing coat. As laid down in the breed standard acceptable colours of the cocker spaniel are as follows.

Whether silky flat or wavy the coat comes in a variety of colors combinations. The cocker spaniel is the smallest of the spaniels and is one of the most popular breeds in america according to the american kennel club. By others to be a different gene.

The solids have a deeply pigmented base colour of black liver or red gold. Hence the names springer and cocker were derived. The english cocker is no doubt one of the oldest types of land spaniel.

They require lots of exercise. A short course on coat color in spaniels these comments are courtesy of karen fremuth on the inheritance of color. Understanding cocker colours patterns markings.

Overall there is no significant research or evidence to suggest that english cocker spaniel colors are indicative of the dog s current or future health. Genetics of colors in the english cocker spaniel. This color of coat is similar to black spots on a white background mixed with black hairs.

Their origins can be traced back to 14th century spain. All colours can have tan points however generally these are not visible on gold red cockers due to the base coat colour masking their appearance. The larger ones being used to spring game and the smaller ones to flush out woodcock.

In the early days before the different spaniels were separately evolved for. Other colors for the english cocker spaniel are black red or golden.

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