Some individuals possess the lithe delicate build of huskies while others are built more sturdily like shepherds are. Even if […]

Gerberian shepskies haven t been around very long. They are great for big families. Gerberian Shepsky German Shepherd Siberian Husky […]

Australian shepherd husky pitbull mix beagle puppies for sale perth 4 year old german shorthaired pointer pit bull rescue el […]

However as a genetic rule only the traits of one of the dominant breeds exclusively prevail in the resultant breed […]

You should also know that this breed is considered a moderate shedder. During non shedding months you should still brush […]

The shepsky is a mixed breed dog a cross between the german shepherd and siberian husky dog breeds. The gerberian […]

Matt shepsky is on facebook. Michael moncek 59 831 6. Husky Golden Retriever Mix Lucy The Mixed Breed Puppies See […]

It is a cross between the german shepherd and the siberian husky. They will also inherit the loving happy and […]