American Cocker Spaniel Colors White Buff

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This chart only considers the basic cocker coat colors. Liver nose buff as a puppy liver nose buff as adult.

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English vs american cocker.

American cocker spaniel colors white buff. Solid chocolate chocolate merle chocolate sable chocolate white solid black black white red white buff white. Black red and brown. Everywhere it says red on the chart just replace the word red in your mind with the word buff instead.

A parti colored american cocker spaniel named dot was one of several dogs owned by rutherford b. His coat is more abundant than the coat of the english cocker spaniel and it comes in seven colors and color combinations. Our goal is to provide unique loving multi color quality cocker spaniel puppies with colors ranging from.

If you breed a brown br br to a buff bf bf you will get 100 black br bf puppies. Silver buff golden color cocker spaniels. These beauties are born almost white in color.

Chocolate white tri color simply a chocolate. Aj s n emeralds put em up put em up zeke buff. Truman when the dog was received as an unwanted gift with the president subsequently giving it away to a white house physician.

If the shade of red is very faint some breeders call it buff white. Each of those puppies will carry br bf genes and will be able to. They will keep this light ivory color throughout maturity with no other color undertones.

As a sporting dog the cocker will excel in many dog sports and activities including obedience and field trials. Tri color aka blk white tan some also may say black tri tan points are usually found above the eyes inner ear cheeks behind the tail. Red white parti one of the most beautiful cocker varieties in my opinion.

Black white tri color simply a black white parti with tan points. The american cocker spaniel by dr alvin grossman. Akc quality american.

1 2 face a cocker spaniel with or without eye rims with a lack of color around the eye. The cocker spaniel is the smallest of the spaniels and is one of the most popular breeds in america according to the american kennel club. Chocolate white parti another totally gorgeous variety of the cocker spaniel.

The american cocker spaniel also known simply as the cocker spaniel is around 13 5 15 5 inches and weighs about 20 30 pounds. Whether silky flat or wavy the coat comes in a variety of colors combinations. True silvers will have the big beautiful black eyes nose and pads.

B lack ta n c hocolate t an silver. P parti base color and white this white pattern is the piebald gene s sable 2 tone color pattern like on a collie or beagle. Yellowish beige colors both light and dark.

Mary s cocker haven the family that cares. And a buff colored dog named feller caused a scandal for harry s. A merry dog the breed is recognized by its flowing coat.

The cocker spaniel comes in wide variety of colors including solid colors bi colors and even tri colors of white buff black chocolate red roan with either brown or green eyes although the occasional blue eyes have been seen. For partis just ignore the white coat color. For example for black white partis ignore the white and use the chart for black coats.

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